In Focus

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IN Focus is a weekly podcast series hosted by Mike Luter of Luter Enterprises and Shaun DeMint of Spotlight Photographics. Each week the team will dive into various topics geared towards the youth sports photography market. If you want to learn the keys to success you need to check out this podcast series today!

Mike Luter has many years of experience with studio photography, sports photography and lab printing. Mike is now turning his knowledge that he has acquired over to you!

Shaun DeMint is the founder of Spotlight Photographics and lead designer of all of the templates available from Spotlight. Shaun started designing sports templates for the youth sports photography market in 2004 and to date has sold his designs to over 1000 photographers from over 6 countries all of the world.


Session 1 – High School Sports Sales & Marketing

Complexity: Easy

If you are looking to expand your photography into high school sports or if you are looking for ways to add sales to your existing high school sports business, you won’t want to miss this episode of In Focus. In this episode, Mike and Shaun will be sharing valuable tips on how to book new high school sports jobs and how to tap into their hidden profit centers.

Session 2 – SportsPress Book Product Spotlight

Complexity: Easy

In this In Focus session, Mike Luter and Shaun DeMint cover one of the newest and hottest products to hit the volume sports photography market today! The new SportsPress Book program from DDlab is taking the industry by storm and we are cover all of the details about what the product is and how to use it to increase your business with your current leagues, get new leagues and eliminate commissions!

Session 3 – Green Screen Sports Photography

Complexity: Easy

In this episode, Mike Luter and Shaun DeMint will dive into the world of green screen sports and the wow products that are available in the market today that will both increase your company image and your bottom line.

Session 5 – Dance Studio Sales & Marketing

Complexity: Easy

In this session of IN FOCUS Mike Luter and Shaun DeMint will cover Dance Schools & Studios. The topic of discussion in this course will be on the Sales & Marketing aspect of Dance Schools. We will discuss the trends, opportunities, how to locate leads and how to market for dance!

Session 6 – Dance Schools Photo Days & Sales Days

Complexity: Easy

In this session of In Focus Mike Luter and Shaun DeMint cover what goes into the Dance School Photo Day and Sales Days. This session is a great way to learn more about how you can get into Dance or improve your photo day process and also increase your sales using unique techniques on sales days.

Session 7 – LIVE Portrait Product Spotlight

Complexity: Easy

In this In Focus session, Shaun DeMint and Mike Luter discuss the endless possibilities of the newest WOW product to hit the youth sports industry…Live Portrait! Learn about what Live Portrait is and what it can do to increase your company image, increase sales and book more jobs for your youth sports photography company.

Session 8 – Baseball & Softball Action Photography

Complexity: Easy

Are you struggling to make money with action photos in your youth league or travel ball tournaments? In this session, Mike Luter and Shaun DeMint take you into the world of youth action photography and give you some valuable information to help you succeed!

Session 9 – Youth League Fundraising

Complexity: Easy

Are you paying out a lot of money to your leagues and wish there was a better way? Are you trying to get into a league and you need some new and creative ways to get the edge on their current photographer?

Session 10 – 5 Ways To Impact Your Bottom Line

Complexity: Easy

Most photographers spend the majority of their time and energy focused on trying to book new business, at the cost of missing out on the plethora of sales opportunities right under their nose. In this session of In Focus, we want to give you five strategies that can have a big impact on your sales without booking any new business.

Session 11 – High School & Youth Sports Banner Program

Complexity: Easy

In this episode of In Focus Shaun DeMint & Mike Luter take on one of the largest trending youth and high school products to hit the market. The Field Banner program has taken the market by storm and without the right tools and knowledge, you will be left in the dust by your competitors!

Session 12 – Does Your Order Form Work FOR You?

Complexity: Easy

Does your order form work for you? In this session of In Focus with Shaun DeMint and Mike Luter, we discuss how an effective order form can actually work to help generate more sales and improve your company image!

Session 13 – All Star & Travel Ball Panoramics & Banners

Complexity: Easy

In this In Focus presentation, Shaun DeMint & Mike Luter discuss the topic of All-Star & Travel Ball panoramic prints and field banners for youth baseball and softball teams. If you are not already actively doing a lot of business in your area with panoramics and field banners you are missing out on a major amount of business that is just waiting for you right now!

Session 15 – Dance Studios – Increasing Your Sales Averages

Length: 25 minutes

In this episode of the In Focus Video Series, Shaun DeMint and Mike Luter discuss 5 ways that you can increase your dance studio sales averages. If you are already shooting dance studios or are just getting into dance this episode will benefit you!